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An all-Italian story: we have been working with flowers and piants for over 100 years.

Drying, colouring and chemical preparation of flowers and plants.

Meschi Company 1924 Our new company Italian Decoration srl which just started in the early part of 21 st century, derives from the old activities of the Meschi family in the world of ornamental dried parts of plants and continues to project in the future new efforts, new ideas and always new products to stimulate the interest of all wholesale customers and overseas importers.

In the last quarter of the 19th century Antonio Meschi was a small grower of ornamental green plants and started to sell such products on the tuscan local markets as well as seeds, grains and bulbs for italian nurseries.

His eldest son Giuseppe quickly saw the opportunity to start exporting such products together with pine cones especially in north of Europe where cones traditionally decorated graves since very long time.

Meschi Company 1924Shortly after the business developped with other decorative items such as sunbleached Ruscus, exported in Usa for the production of Xmas wreaths, and in 1912 the younger brother Pietro joined the company which was named G. Meschi & F.llo.

Between the two wars the company expanded serving wholesalers all over Europe with traditional lines of products and new ornamental dried parts of plants and foliages not only from Italy but also imported from tropical countries and transformed, dyed, preserved or bleached in Tuscany.

Soon after second world war the new generation, Giuseppe jr. (Beppino) and Antonio jr. Meschi, children of Pietro, visited on behalf of their uncle and their father, many customers in Europe and especially in Germany to encourage the continuation of the trade impoverished by such a tragic time.

Post war economic growth and development helped new items such as italian dried grasses, dried flowers, foliages etc. to expand their sales and popularity and after two decades, in the late sixties, were introduced also artificial flowers and other decoratives imported from Asia.

Today the company Italian Decoration, continuing the past tradtion, offers a vast variety of products from very classic to very innovative and unsual giving close attention to trends, colours and methods of processing often suggested by our esteemed customers to whom we always address our efforts to stimulate their interest and to meet their requirements.

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