Trasformazione e produzione di fiori naturali ed essiccati


Our entire product range

The objects and accessories that we insert and skilfully blend into the décor give character and define the style of a space. Although they are not indispensable, these accessories strongly define an area, making all the difference. The sensation of extreme care, attention and refinement in a given space is apparent in even the smallest details - nuances that do not go unnoticed by an increasingly knowledgeable and attentive public of connoisseurs. Our main collections include various products that are perfectly coordinated with each other and can be integrated harmoniously into any space, creating unique, distinctive features. This is, in fact, the secret of every successful project. As well as the complete ranges of Dried Flowers, Stabilized Flowers and Artificial Flowers, we also have a collection of objects designed and created especially to be coordinated with the flower product lines and to give maximum room for personal interpretation.

Dried Flowers

Through specific drying techniques, flowers and plants are preserved for a long period of time. Once dried, they are suitable as furnishing elements and décor, as they maintain their own distinctive colours and fragrances.

Stabilized Flowers

These are natural elements that, thanks to a stabilization process, maintain their natural beauty and freshness. This is a new concept in natural decorations, which can be used in any space and, thanks to their versatility, are increasingly present as trendy complementary elements, both in home furnishing and at ceremonies (from bouquets to floral compositions, table centrepieces and wedding or party favours), also on plant surfaces and walls.

Giftware and household objects

Meschi offers a wide range of furnishing accessories and giftware and household objects, all featuring Italian design. Craft objects with an original interpretation of colours, techniques and shapes, thanks to the professionalism that makes the company stand out.

Artificial Flowers

Meschi proposes a wide choice of high quality artificial flowers, leaves and plants, created with Real Touch finishes, of excellent quality and true to the smallest detail.