Tradition, passion and Italian manufacture

An all-Italian story: we have been working with flowers and piants for over 100 years. Drying, colouring and chemical preparation of flowers and plants

G. Meschi & C. S.P.A. originates from the G. Meschi & F.llo s.d.f. company (de facto company) founded in 1912 by the brothers Giuseppe and Pietro Meschi (respectively uncle and father of the long-standing shareholder and administrator Giuseppe “Beppino” Meschi), as a horticultural company with consequent commercialization of its products. Of these, the products that became important for the domestic market include: olive oil, fresh branches and leaves for florists, flower cultivation, flower bulbs and seeds for forestry (as is evident in the numerous price lists from that period, which are still kept in the company archives). 


For the foreign market, especially the German market: dried Bay leaves (for the chemical industry) and open pine cones for making wreaths for graves in the cemeteries. The love and the idea for said activity was transferred to the two brothers Giuseppe and Pietro by their father Antonio (grandfather of Beppino), who was already an expert and had been introduced into the field of floriculture as head gardener at the villa of the Marquises Mazzarosa in Segromigno in Monte. In 1932, the company was transformed from a de facto company into a general partnership.